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Love Goddess Parties, Adult Home Parties, Adult Toy & Novelties Wholesale co, Adult Toy Retail.

Sell Fantasy and Romance

Love Goddess Parties is one of the fastest-growing companies in the huge BILLION Dollar Sensual Adult Toy and Novelties Products Business. Our products are in high demand, they're affordable, and most cannot be found in your everyday shopping malls. 

Sell Anytime & Anywhere!

  • Make money through direct catalog sales
  • Make money through at-home demonstrations!
  • Make money through website sales.
  • You decide when and how much you want to work! 
  • There are no territories.

Make healthy Commissions!

Love Goddess Parties Romance Consultants Choose their level of commitment: our part-time Romance Consultants work about 3 to 4 parties a month and average $700.00 to $1.000.00 monthly. Our Full Time Romance Consultants work about 8 to 10 parties a month and average $2,500.00 + monthly. This is serious money for fun work!

Build Residual Revenue

With your busines you build residual revenue through sales of our consumable home party and catalog products as well as commission from your customers website orders.  Example Website Love Goddess Partys Adult Shopping

This business is recession proof, easy, fun and rewarding STOP living your life with what if's.....start making your dreams come true. Make a serious investment in YOUR FUTURE and join our team today!

The Freedom To Live EACH DAY YOUR WAY!

We believe you should have the freedom to live each day your way. Whether you are balancing a full time job, family or other lifestyle needs. You need to love what you do......feel appreciated... so we allow you to determine your earning potential based on how often you choose to work.

Want More Information?

If you would like more information you can ask your personal Love Goddess Parties Romance Consultant about starting your own fulfilling, successful business career with Love Goddess Parties or if you do not have a Love Goddess Romance Consultant please feel free to Contact Us directly to request more information. Feel Free to give us a call at 812-727-5558 and leave your name and number and we get back to you as soon as possible. 

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have or forward you an informational brochure for your review.